4 Centimetres | 2022

4 centimetres is how little space the published choral works of female composers takes up on the shelf, if you put the sheet-music next to each other. The meagre size is in stark contrast to the published choral works of male colleagues, which can fill about seven metres of shelf space. DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR thinks that this urgently needs to change! »4 Centimetres« is a music project funded by the Berlin Choral Association, which will be staged in autumn 2022 together with director Nina Gühlstorff.

Mensch, Musik! #3 Hotspot Erde | 2022

On 22 April, Earth Day, DIE FIXEN NIXEN performed at the special concert »Mensch, Musik! #3 Hotspot Erde« together with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin under the direction of chief conductor Vladimir Jurowski. The musical-scenic evening was dedicated to man-made climate change and composers of all epochs – such as Alfred Schnittke and Claude Debussy – who dealt with the beauty of nature and the relationship of man to his environment.

Singing along

DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR is looking for new members! Basic knowledge of reading music and/or experience in choral singing are important to the choir. Two larger projects are planned for 2022: a concert with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin in April and a project on the theme of »Conflict« funded by the Choir Association. Within this project, music for women's choirs – both existing and newly composed for »Die Fixen Nixen« – will be staged in collaboration with director Nina Gühlstorff.

Interested in singing in the choir? Then write to: mitsingen@fxnx.de

Vocal recordings

At the beginning of 2022 DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR sang pieces for the feature film "15 Jahre" by successful director Chris Kraus in the Berlin studio Traumton.


DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR loves new challenges! During the lockdown phase of the Corona pandemic, pieces were rehearsed in virtual space, individually sung and recorded. The result is the »Corona Mixes« – compilations of these individual recordings made by Ralf Sochaczewsky.