What we do

The repertoire of DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR is diverse! Widely contrasting works are an integral part of the programme: from renaissance and baroque pieces, to cool pop. From German and Georgian folk and lullabies to modern composers such as the Finn Einojuhani Rautavaara and the Belarusian Oxana Omelchuk.



DIE FIXEN NIXEN • DER CHOR performs on stage once or twice a year on average. Click here for a selection of concerts in recent years.


DIE FIXEN NIXEN are available for booking! The overview of some of our engagements can be found here.


»Georgia will never let us go!« – Sponsored by the Goethe Institut, DIE FIXEN NIXEN set off on their first trip abroad to Georgia in 2014.